This is a feminist book review blog with a focus on fantasy and science fiction.

The title of the blog refers to the way I’ve often felt while talking to some other fantasy and sci-fi fans about the sexist tropes and stale gender stereotypes that continue to annoy and alienate feminist readers of these genres (myself included).

A lot of the time, their responses have been something like this:

“Yeah, but the world-building’s not bad. Plus, there are dragons!”

“Don’t take it so seriously! It’s just a bit of escapism. Can’t you just enjoy it for what it is?”

Well, yes. But also, not really.

Beyond the entertainment factor, I feel that fantasy and sci-fi have a lot to offer feminists – and treating these genres as an apolitical escape from the real world (and real world inequalities) is not only unrealistic, but also dismissive of their enormous subversive and creative potential. These genres don’t just provide us with otherworldly escape hatches from reality. They also provide us – and countless writers – with an unparalleled space for imagining entirely new ways of thinking about gender issues.

So like others before me, I’m dealing with this stuff by starting a blog about it. I’ll be reviewing a mix of old and new books, and will also try to include some more general posts about feminist issues in fantasy and sci-fi.

I’m hoping this blog will give me a chance to find, and think about, some of the innovative, feminist writing that I know is out there – and if anyone else chances upon this blog, then hopefully it will be useful for you as well.


P.S. Spoiler warning! I have a bad record with accidentally spilling the shock endings of films and shows and books to friends and innocent bystanders. And because anything’s fair game when it comes to reading feminist issues into perfectly innocuous objects of entertainment, these reviews may sometimes give away important plot developments, like deaths, hook-ups or what your favourite character really ate for dinner. Sorry in advance! But consider yourselves warned.

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